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Home Buyer Video Series: When Do I Know It's Time To Make an Offer

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Hi. I'm Todd Jones and thanks for watching my Home Buyer Video Series. Again, this is meant for first time home buyers or anyone looking to buy a home because things change in the real estate law, in the market, in the local areas. This is where I'm going to try to give you as many answers as I can to really arm and equip you to make a good purchase.
Today, I want to talk about when do I know that it's the right time to make an offer. It's pretty simple I think. I always tell my clients, "Look, after you've seen a home..." and a lot of people, I get it, they don't want to make an offer on the first home that they see although I've had that happen. But people want to look around see at least-- I don't know. Some people want to see 5, some people want to 10, some people want to see 30. It really just depends on you. But the way you know that you know, you have to ask yourself one simple question, "How mad will I be at myself if I miss this one?"
If you go and you take a look at a property, and you leave the property, and you can't really stop thinking about it, and it really interests you, and you know you would kick yourself hard if you missed that one, that's the time to write an offer. Of course, writing an offer is a whole art form in and of itself because you want to pay the right price for the property, but you also want to make sure you get it and sometimes you inter your multiple offer situation and you don't want to be left out in the cold.
If you have any questions about that and if you would like help looking for a home and I seem like your guy, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy these video series. By all means, look for the next one in your inbox and I will bring you another tip on buying a home. Thanks again. I'm Todd Jones. If you want to skip ahead to the other videos, feel free to do that. My YouTube channel is below.


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