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Transcript for Review from Charlie and Jenny

No matter what Todd does, he puts in 100% or 110% - whatever the expression is. What we like most about him is he's positive, right?
He's energetic.
He's full of energy. He's just full of energy, and it's magnetic and people want to be around him. He sold two of our properties. One was in a--
A sellers market.
--sellers market.
A buyers market.
Then he sold a property for us when the market started to collapse. He did really well. He got us top dollar for our two properties for sure. Okay. Hold on. Our ten month old is eating rocks.
But Todd really looks out for the client, us, and that was really comforting to know that he really took care of us not just as friends, but as clients. A lot of other deals that we've-- when we bought other properties, there was always something that fell through, and we would always have to fix something, and we felt like our realtor should have done that.
Yeah. We spent a lot of time. We almost felt like we should've earned  the realtor fee. With Todd you're hiring someone to do the job so you can step off, you can live your life and do what you got to do. He did advertising, he gave us suggestion on how to get the property ready for sale. He really has great ideas to advertise the properties. He goes way up and above the average realtor. Todd is extremely driven and you get the sense from him that he's not just trying to make a buck. You know what, he loves the challenge, he loves the challenge. I would sit in my property with him and watch people come in to the open house, and he would just jump on people and give them ideas, but not in an annoying way he would just make people excited about the possibilities of the property, so that's kind of cool.
There's lots of energy around Todd. You want a realtor that has lots of energy, because people come in frustrated.  You know, purchasing a home is very emotional so you want someone whose got lots of good energy. We bought six homes in four years. We're modeling, renting, selling, buying and so we're pretty experienced. So we met lots of realtors over the years, we watched a lot of people in action and Todd pretty much did all the best things. Like all my favorite things that different realtors did. He did everything all combined. He goes all out. He does the advertising, he dresses nicely, he opens as many open houses as humanly possibly can. He would light candles, he would create an atmosphere in a property, then put signage up in the neighborhood. I mean pretty much anything you could do to sell the house you do. People like dealing with him because is very fair,  very honest, very professional. On our one property, he created a bidding war which is pretty amazing because he wanted to get us top dollar for our property. He's good at creating a buzz.
Todd's paperwork is super clean, super organized, and he's very knowledgeable. And if he doesn't know about something, a certain issue, he's the kind of guy who'll run out to a seminar and educate himself on whatever the going issue is. Really, he's just not the type of person to wing it or let anything go. You really get the feeling that he's got your back. As the homeowner, and the buyer, the seller, you don't have to worry about a thing. He's covering it all. Todd is very resourceful. He's got a whole network of vendors and people in the industry, lawyers, real estate lawyers to give you advice, termite, appraisers, whatever you need to buy or sell your property. Todd goes out of his way to create a network for himself of people that are really reliable.
You get your money's worth when you hire Todd.
Yes, you definitely get your--
You definitely get your money's worth.


Thank you for getting us through another sale! We have worked with and met plenty of other Realtors, but what makes you stand apa...
- Jenny & Charlie


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