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Transcript of Review from Christof and Jessie
With our current agent the listing had expired, and so when it expires you get thousands of solicitations from realtors all over LA trying to list your house. We had worked with a number of other real estate agents with our previous homes about selling and shopping for them, and he proved the hardest working realtor we dealt with. And indeed, we'd been trying to sell our house for six months, and he was able to sell it within three.
We had just recently worked with two realtors, a team of two realtors, who were very nice people but hadn't done any of this kind of work.
They just kind of phoned it in.
They just sort of phoned it in, and they were really nice, and every once in a while someone would come buy and look at the house, but Todd was just much more pedal to the metal with all of his efforts.
Todd definitely helped us get top dollar for our house. Very specifically, the people we finally closed with came in very low, and working with Todd we were able to bring them up  almost $300,000. One of the reasons Todd is an effective realtor is because his marketing strategy is so sound.
He makes your house look better. Not just by the quality of the photographs and the way that he packages things, but also the brochures that he makes, and all the stuff around it, and everything from the fonts, and the layouts and that. He has a very good eye to how to make things commercially appealing. I don't know of anybody that works that hard and does all that work, and I think that's probably why he's so successful.
In fact, we're constantly in touch with him about what's happening in the real estate market because we admire his work ethic and trust completely. So yes, absolutely--
And he's also really fun to work with. I mean, it's just fun to talk to him. It's fun to get together with him. It's fun to go visit houses with him. It's fun to sit down and handle your paperwork with him. He just makes the process enjoyable, as oppose to onerous. You put in a lot of time with your realtor, so it helps if they are likable.
Yeah, it's more like a friendship than a purely business partnership or relationship.


Thank you for getting us through another sale! We have worked with and met plenty of other Realtors, but what makes you stand apa...
- Jenny & Charlie


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