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Transcript for Review from Kelly and David

He's been doing it long enough, and he's smart enough to know how to ask the questions that first time home buyers like us might not ask. He gets back to thank everyone in a timely fashion too, so he is a serious multitasker. He's super smart, and I think that all helps, and he's looking to help. Having someone on your side who knows how to get things done and is looking out for your best interest really makes a big difference. I don't think we could've done it--
We could've done it, but it would've been awful.
He's [inaudible] tons of knowledge about things that I don't think we would've even thought about asking. But having someone who is running the show in between you and the person you're buying the house from makes it a lot easier.
When you have to negotiate, he has experience so he helped us with-- we had a multiple offer situation and he helped us play that game  and that's it. He listened to us and what we wanted also. So that was good.
Which is, I think, the key point in the entire experience. He was even working for us, essentially, and he did. He worked hard for us, and he paid attention to what we wanted and to our needs.
And he didn't give up easily either, because we looked at a lot of things.
We did.
And he always told us that we weren't being outrageous by having certain expectations or thoughts about what we wanted and for what price. That was very comforting, because it got to a point where I was thinking, "We're never going to get a house because we don't have enough money, or we're not going to get all we want for the money." But he said, "You will [laughter]."
And what he didn't do was just try and throw us in anything just to get us it.
I think that's something that you don't find very often.
He could see certain things in a house. Potential for this or that, and he would express that to us - "Well, you know you could do this." So I think the experience was great.
I think he would do a great job at selling our house.
I think he would do a great job selling this place and probably putting us into our next home at the same time.


Thank you for getting us through another sale! We have worked with and met plenty of other Realtors, but what makes you stand apa...
- Jenny & Charlie


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