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Transcript for Review from Pat

I was selling my family's home. They had lived there for 68 years, so it was very traumatic for me. I was trying to do it myself, and trying to find the special buyer. I thought I could sell my home because I knew so much about it, and I was excited about the house and I knew the history, but there's so much to know about selling a home. I was not prepared for it at all. I had so many people calling and wanting me to come and show the home, and I didn't know how to present it and get them excited about the little things in the home that were special, and he was able to step in and do that for me. No, I would never try to sell the home again [chuckles]. It was  very difficult. I have sold a home prior to this - my home - and Todd is very current with his sales, as far as advertising and website. He emailed me all the time, kept me up to date on what was going on. It was very exciting for me, really. I was very pleased with all the information that he was able to provide me. The home was only on the market for two to three weeks when he was able to find a buyer for it, and I know that was a result of his exposure with his pictures, and the websites and the advertising on the computer. I would either call Todd or email him, and the response was immediate, either from Todd or his assistants. I think one thing that he did that was unexpected was he talked to my neighbors that were there at the house and put them at rest about the new people that were going to buy the house. I know the neighbors appreciated that, and they told me what a great agent he was and they felt comfortable with him selling the house next to them. So he did keep his promise to me of getting a good buyer and getting the best price, and I would have to say, absolutely, he kept his promise.


Thank you for getting us through another sale! We have worked with and met plenty of other Realtors, but what makes you stand apa...
- Jenny & Charlie


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